Blackcat Electronic Cigarettes

Blackcat is an electronic cigarette brand based in California. It has managed to grow it’s product line from disposable e-cigs to vaporizers. The products are available in over 7,000 brick and motar stores across the U.S.


With the rapid changes of laws and restrictions in this industry, Blackcat wanted to have its brand and products comply with the laws and grow its product lines for its very specific audience. Amata Agency was engaged to develop the branding, logo, stationery system, packaging materials, product photography, marketing collaterals and advertising.


We started by conducting research on the electronic cigarette market and Blackcat’s competitors for the overview of the industry and requested detailed information from professionals who specialize in the industry. We, then, developed brand strategy and messaging that related to the audience.


Blackcat wanted to create an awareness for its brand to a very specific audience the distribution and consumer markets. Everything must compy with the laws and restrictions including packaging, advertising and marketing materials.


Since the majority of its customers are men, we developed a visual aesthetic that is dark and mysterious, but yet a clean look by using bold san-serif typography to communicate with the audience. Packaging had to describe the product inside atheisticly. The products photos were taken on white background to give the simple and clean look.

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