Revolutionize your marketing strategy with AI.

Stand out and get noticed. Grow your brand with increased visibility. Drive awareness & sales.

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Maximize Your Online Presence and Differentiate Your Business with AI.

We use creativity and technology to help business owners differentiate their business from the competition and deliver a great experience to their customers.


Replace all other marketing providers you use with us and forget to search for different providers. We provide full-service digital marketing solutions and work directly with your company, eliminating confusion while getting complete satisfaction.


It's simple; let us know your marketing needs, and it gets handled without any further hassle. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our top-notch professional team in digital marketing to take your business further.


Rather than continuing to spend money on inconsistent marketing services, it is important to ensure that all of your marketing efforts are consistent, as this is an essential factor in achieving successful marketing results.


Exclusively for our clients. Receive benefits that you won't find from other marketing providers such as one-on-one consultation, priority support, business applications, and other benefits on top of our marketing services.

Get more business from our marketing services

Maximize your marketing potential with effortless cross-channel management.

  • AI-optimized content and customer experience management
  • Consistent and coordinated messages across channels
  • Multi-marketing platform cluster, use only the best tools and methods available
  • Connect all data with automation
  • One account can be used to access all services.
  • Cross-channel reporting

Our optimization strategies help you with predictable and scalable growth by placing your business visibility.

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Streamline Your Business Operations with Our Comprehensive Selection of Products and Tools

Enhance your business with our exceptional range of products and tools, readily available on our reliable cloud network. Experience the convenience of having all the essential business tools in one location.

Beyond Traditional Marketing

With new tools like social media, search engine marketing, and email marketing, it's easier than ever to reach out to your desired market with the right message at the right time. More cost-effective than traditional methods.

Our brand partners in different industries

Andy korell fitness logo.
Core conditioning logo on a black background.


Andy Kohrell is a personal trainer who partnered with Amata Agency to create his personal training brand. We have designed his logo, branding, business cards, stationery system, and website.

We have taken a deep dive into his training style and methods to create a fresh and healthy look. Amata Agency developed a brand identity using his initials merged to depict his training methods focusing on strength and flexibility.


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