Fine Dining
Italian Steakhouse

Bistecca Steakhouse is a concept for a fine dining restaurant. This concept restaurant offers quality crafted steaks and cocktails aimed toward high-end customers.


To reflect the look and feel of a fine dining restaurant, we came up with the name, Bistecca, which means “steak” in Italian. We worked on a variety of collaterals for this project that have included naming, logo development, stationery system, and menu.


We conducted research on fine dining restaurants in Beverly Hills for an overview of the industry. This included creating potential customer’s personas and words that are associated with it. We also explored different types of printing methods and materials.


Bistecca’s target audience is high-end professionals wanting a sit-down dinner for special occasions or evening meetings.


To reflect the look and feel of a steakhouse, we came up with a solid bold logotype for brand identity. We created an actual prototype for the menu using a black presentation board. We then attached a linen textured paper with the menu info printed on one side, and a foil rubdown for the logo on the other side, to create a high contrast. For the stationery system, we used the same linen textured paper for letterhead and heavy cardboard for business cards.

Bistecca, which means “steak” in Italian.

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