Strength & Flexibility

Andy Kohrell is a Pilates, RedCord, MOTR, and CoreAlign personal trainer. He is one of only 14 trainers in the U.S. to carry the distinction of RedCord Active Pro Specialist. He also teaches CoreAlign and MOTR certification workshops as a faculty member of BalanceBody.


To create awareness with prospective clients, Andy wanted to have his own personal training brand. Amata Agency partnered with Andy on multiple projects that have included logo design, branding, business card design, stationery system, and website design and development.


Andy needed a fresh and healthy look to reflect his industry. He also provides a variety of training methods. Most of them are difficult to explain verbally.


We started with taking a deep dive into his training style and methods by looking into how the training works, types of equipment used, and the benefits.


To depict his training methods that focus on strength and flexibility, Amata Agency developed brand identity using his initials merged together inside of a solid circle. The small letter ‘a’ reflects flexibility and capital ‘K’ reflects strength. The cool blue gives the logo a fresh and healthy look. Effective branding involves more than just a logo, Amata Agency worked with Andy Kohrell to create his business cards and stationery. The website also provides useful and comprehensive information about his background and training methods with images and descriptions.

The small letter ‘a’ reflects flexibility and capital ‘K’ reflects strength.

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