Core Conditioning Enhances Online Presence with Comprehensive Yearly Marketing Plan and Achieves Impressive Engagement Results.

Core Conditioning aimed to upgrade their online presence to connect better with their clients. Working in tandem, we designed a complete annual marketing plan, highlighting their services and special events.

Core Conditioning is a rehabilitation, fitness, and wellness center owned by physical therapists Allyson Cabot and Gabrielle Shrier. They made their vision a reality in 2003 by opening a small facility, which has now become a premier center due to their growing skills and clientele. Core Conditioning is also an education center for RedCord® / Neurac and BalancedBody® programs, making it one of the first clinics on the West Coast to offer these programs to physical therapists and trainers alike.

In January 2020, Core Conditioning sought to improve their online communication and presence with their current clients. They already had a website, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and email campaigns, but they wanted a more efficient way to manage and enhance their online platforms. We conducted extensive research on their audience data and online platforms to determine the necessary improvements. Our findings revealed that while their brand identity was strong, their online presence lacked in aesthetics and overall brand consistency.

We developed a comprehensive yearly marketing plan in collaboration with Core to ensure their brand remains relevant and visible on the appropriate platforms at the right time. This plan included newsletters, group class and workshop schedules, and recognition of holidays and special events. We organized their contact data for patients, staff, and subscribers, and imported it into a new email platform that offers greater insights. We also established a consistent visual style for the brand across various online channels and utilized a sophisticated publishing platform to ensure timely delivery of messages.

During the initial three months, our approach proved to be effective with an 86% increase in Facebook post engagement, a 38.8% increase in Instagram post engagement, and a 6.43% increase in email campaign open rates.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic in early 2021, we continued to achieve impressive results. Our Instagram followers increased by 10.39%, and our average open rate for email campaigns ranged from 17.16% to 30.98%, surpassing the industry average. We are proud to have helped Core Conditioning enhance their online presence and communication with their current clients.

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