Bistecca Steakhouse

Bistecca Steakhouse, where the ultimate culinary experience awaits you. Our concept for a fine dining restaurant is designed to cater to high-end customers, with a menu of quality steaks and handcrafted cocktails that will tantalize your taste buds. The chefs have carefully curated a selection of the finest cuts of meat sourced from only the most reputable farms and ranches. Each steak is perfectly cooked, using only the finest ingredients and techniques, ensuring every bite is flavorful.

At Bistecca Steakhouse, we understand that dining is more than just the food – the entire experience. Our elegant and stylish interior, with soft lighting and comfortable seating, creates the perfect ambiance for a romantic dinner or a celebratory occasion.

We were excited about creating the brand identity. Bistecca Steakhouse aimed towards a high-end customer; we were tasked with developing a sophisticated and luxurious brand.

To accomplish this, we decided to use the name Bistecca, which means "steak" in Italian, as the centerpiece of the brand. The name immediately evokes images of high-quality, flavorful meat and sets the stage for the dining experience that customers can expect at Bistecca Steakhouse.

With the name in place, we focused on creating a visual identity that would reflect the high-end nature of the restaurant. The logo development process was rigorous and iterative, exploring countless iterations and variations. We finally arrived at a logo that conveyed a sense of elegance and class while still being unique and memorable.

Next, we tackled the stationery system. Every detail was considered, from the thickness of the paper stock to the font used on the business cards. Our goal was to create a cohesive system that would communicate the luxury of Bistecca Steakhouse at every touchpoint. To reflect the look and feel of a steakhouse, we came up with a solid bold logotype for brand identity. We created an actual prototype for the menu using a black presentation board. We then attached textured linen paper with the menu info printed on one side and a foil rubdown for the logo on the other to create a high contrast. For the stationery system, we used the same linen textured paper for letterhead and heavy cardboard for business cards.

Finally, we turned our attention to the menu. We developed a menu highlighting the quality of the steaks and cocktails. Every aspect of the menu was carefully crafted, from the descriptions of the dishes to the placement of each item on the page.

Overall, our work with Bistecca Steakhouse was a rewarding experience that allowed us to flex our creative muscles and develop a brand that truly reflects the high-end nature of the restaurant.


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