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Andy Kohrell is a Pilates, RedCord, MOTR, and CoreAlign personal trainer. He is one of only 14 trainers in the U.S. to carry the distinction of RedCord Active Pro Specialist. He also teaches CoreAlign and MOTR certification workshops as a faculty member of BalanceBody.
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Andy envisioned creating his own personal training brand to reach more prospective clients. To materialize his dream, he sought the expertise of Amata Agency, and together they embarked on a journey of multiple projects. The partnership saw them collaborating on several aspects of branding, including logo design, business card design, stationery system, and website design and development.


Our first step in helping Andy Kohrell Fitness was to conduct extensive research on his training techniques. We delved into his methodology and how it differs from other trainers in the market. Our team studied the Pilates, RedCord, MOTR, and CoreAlign programs he offered and the training workshops he conducted. Through our research, we gained insight into what sets Andy apart from other fitness trainers in the industry.

The second stage of our process involved a deep dive into Andy Kohrell Fitness's audience base and their behavior. We identified his target market, their interests, and the factors that drive them to work with him. This stage helped us create the most suitable marketing plan and content to reach his ideal clients.

Once we thoroughly understood Andy Kohrell Fitness's niche, our team developed a brand foundation, including the look and feel. Our design experts crafted a brand identity that would stand out in a crowded market. We designed a visually appealing and cohesive logo and website resonating with his target market. We also curated branded imagery that featured his workout spaces, training equipment, and images of his successful clients.

Fitness'sAfter establishing a new brand identity, we proceeded to the last stage, which involved applying the new brand identity to Andy Kohrell Fitness's marketing materials. We optimized his social media profiles, creating graphics that complemented the brand's identity. Our team developed digital campaigns targeting audiences based on age, gender, and location, resulting in more conversions.


We faced some challenges when taking on Andy Kohrell Fitness as a client. First and foremost, Andy needed a fresh and healthy look to reflect the industry in which he operates. As a fitness professional, he needed to exude energy, vitality, and vibrancy while at the same time conveying professionalism and expertise.

One of the main challenges we faced was that Andy offers a variety of training methods that can be difficult to explain verbally. His methods are unique, innovative, and designed to produce results that traditional gym training often fails to achieve. Therefore, we needed to develop creative and engaging ways to present these methods to grab people's attention and persuade them to try Andy's approach to fitness.

Another major challenge was creating a social media strategy for Andy. As a busy professional, he didn't have the time or resources to create and manage multiple social media platforms. However, we knew a robust social media presence was crucial for attracting and retaining new clients. Therefore, we needed to create a tailored strategy that would work for Andy's unique needs while ensuring his message was consistent across all platforms.

Lastly, we faced the challenge of ensuring Andy's website was up-to-date and effective. As the first point of contact for many potential clients. Andy's website needed to be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and contain all the necessary information to make an informed decision about working with him. We needed to ensure that the website reflected Andy's unique personality and brand while also providing potential clients with the information they needed to decide.


Amata Agency created a brand identity to showcase its unique training methods centered on strength and flexibility. The logo design features the initials of the founder, with the lowercase ‘a’ symbolizing flexibility and the capital ‘K' signifying strength. A cool blue color palette adds to the overall vitality and wellness. We worked with Andy to create his business cards and stationery to ensure a consistent and professional image. The website is an invaluable client resource, providing detailed information about his background and training approach through compelling imagery and engaging descriptions.

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