Andy Kohrell Fitness

Strength & Flexibility

Andy Kohrell is a Pilates, RedCord, MOTR, and CoreAlign personal trainer. He is one of only 14 trainers in the U.S. to carry the distinction of RedCord Active Pro Specialist. He also teaches CoreAlign and MOTR certification workshops as a faculty member of BalanceBody.

To start this project, we took a deep dive into Andy’s unique training style and found out what kind of training he offers. He has various different styles that vary from intense to easy workout sessions.

He wanted a new website that showcased him as an individual trainer – not just another company – so he could reach more people who might need his services.
We started by designing a logo for him, but after analyzing the many different aspects of his personal touch we created an entire branding package complete with new business cards, stationery system, and website design and development.


A small ‘a’ stands for flexibility while the captil ‘K’ stand for strength.

To show their innovative and effective marketing skills, Amata Agency used Andy Kohrell’s initials to develop a visually attractive logo for his company. A small ‘a’ stands for flexibility while the capital ‘K’ stand for strength; this logo can be perceived as both flexibility and strong. The cool blue color helps convey an air of professionalism and healthfulness.

Amata Agency also designed Andy Kohrell’s business cards and stationery which include helpful links on the website for those looking to learn more about him or how he trains others.

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Andy Kohrell Fitness Business Card Design
Andy Kohrell Fitness Business Card Design by Amata Agency
Andy Kohrell Fitness Logo Design by Amata Agency