Our Mindset

What we believe matters to us, and we hope it matters to business owners too, because that’s the only way we can help them differentiate their business and deliver on their promise of great customer experience using creativity and technology.

Our core belief is that their brand should be functional, not just visual—and that functionality must include usability and accessibility for everyone who will use it.

The success of their business begins with having the right partner, like us. The partner who they can trust, who will work with them, and deliver the results. We are here to discover insights, take action until reaching their goals, because we care about them and we are passionate about it.

Unleash the marketing potentials for your business.

At Amata Agency, we strive to provide clients with the highest quality marketing services. We believe that utilizing technology in every aspect of marketing is the best way to create successful campaigns. For instance, we use artificial intelligence (AI) to help with copywriting and analyzing content.

Moreover, our multi-server cloud hosting uses software that allows for optimal scalability of services, giving us the capability to adjust our offerings to the changing needs of our clients. By combining cutting-edge technology with our experienced team of professionals, we can deliver innovative, effective marketing solutions that maximize our client’s ROI.

Brand Management

How do your customers think and feel about your brand? Their entire experience, from product to service and company - that's what matters! We'll craft a unique message, create an effective strategy, and bring it to life online, so your brand can reach its highest potential.

Email Marketing

Unlock the potential of email marketing to boost your customer base! Nurture relationships with a key group of followers with messages designed just for them. Create an email plan that'll grab attention & bring real results.

Web Hosting + Domain Registration

Take charge of your online presence and make sure you can expand as needed. With our cloud-based environment, you'll have the power to expand, investigate, and increase your website as necessary with custom-built servers. Get a domain name that reflects your business and we'll be with you every step of the way. With us, you can trust you have the right domain name.

Website Design + Development

Put your business on the map with a custom-made website! Our talented design & dev team helps spread the word about your business & its offerings. Make an impact, build leads & communicate with your customers, all while giving the world a glimpse of your brand.

Social Media Management

Ready for a social media makeover? Now's the time to get back in the game! Maximize your reach with the help of social media management tools - simplify your marketing efforts and reach your goals.


Meet Your Digital Marketing Team

Amata Indra

Amata Indra


A strong believer in the importance of having a solid work ethic. As a problem solver. I take initiative to come up with solutions, and strive to work both hard and smart, balancing efficiency and quality of work.

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Janelle Ong


Professional with a passion for getting things done. I pride myself on my ability to think quickly and adapt to changing environments. I collaborate effectively. With my enthusiasm for success and positive attitude, I can be counted on.

Thanongsak Chamung


Passionate about finding work-life harmony, learning new skills, and staying open to new experiences. I'm a fast learner and constantly looking for ways to stay creative and come up with solutions for any challenges that may arise in my journey.

Discover the cutting-edge tools

wonder beneath our umbrella.

Discover the cutting-edge tools beneath our umbrella to empower your business. Our multi-server cloud hosting allows you to keep your data safe and secure, while our large file transfer app simplifies how you transfer data quickly and easily.

We also have an email marketing platform that allows you to communicate with customers efficiently, a drag-and-drop website builder to easily create an attractive and functional website, and a privacy-protected search engine to give you peace of mind when you search online. With these tools at your fingertips, you can unlock new opportunities for your business.

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Multi-Server Cloud Hosting
Email Marketing Platform
Privacy-Protected Search Engine
Large File Transfer App
Drag-and-Drop Website Builder
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Collaborate with your virtual marketing team like never before.

You're busy. You need a marketing agency that understands that. We have a well-collaborated team who will handle your marketing campaigns. And the latest and greatest in technology to make sure your campaign is on point.


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