Digital branding has emerged as a specialization of its own over the last decade with its origins rooted in direct marketing and has even been coined the cornerstone of modern marketing. With the increase in the use of personal devices, brand marketers have many more ways of communicating directly and interactively with their target consumers.

Digital branding can be defined as when branding concepts are applied to digital platforms and technology to develop brands through interactions with consumers on their digital devices. It is about establishing your brand’s story and presence in the digital space.

Digital branding is the key to building a meaningful connection between your business and your target audience. While most business owners consider digital branding to be focused on logos, fonts, tag-lines, imagery or website design.

It is much more profound, as it is about understanding the ‘value’ of your business, and communicating those values to your consumers on digital platforms. With so many digital platforms such as websites, apps, online reviews, and social media discussions most purchasing decisions are made after the consumer has experienced your brand in the digital space.


Why Is Digital branding Important to your business?

Digital branding is a crucial step in building a successful business. Here are some main benefits that digital branding will bring to your business.


Communicates your value to the customer

The significance of digital branding is mainly to communicate your business value to your customer. Digital branding helps foster a positive perception of your target audience by telling them who you are, what makes you different, and what makes you better. When a website visitor understands your business, it positively influences a customer’s purchasing decision.



Having a robust digital brand allows companies to spread out on different online platforms. This includes digital channels such as social media, online advertisements, and chat sites. Being able to market your brand across various digital platforms is a great benefit to any business as it allows a single message to be sent to multiple customers, yet personalized to everyone.


Sets you apart from the rest

Digital branding positions and differentiates your place in relation to your competitors. In this era, competition is stiff in any sector and having something that sets you apart from the rest will secure your role in the marketplace, both now and in the future. Digital branding brings together all your business’s successes and strengths, which help create an impression that distinguishes you from your competitors and also to make it tough for your competitors to match your standards.


Interaction with customers

Digital branding allows you to interact with customers to create a unique customer experience. Some ways in which digital branding will enable companies to interact with their customers include launching a clickable banner ad on specific sites or creating a Graphics Interchange Format to showcase your company’s best features.


Better connections

Building a digital brand makes it much easier for you to connect with your target audiences. Brand values stay true throughout the years and are developed to be in tune with the younger generation while still holding some traditional value in which to keep the older generation on board.


Attract investors

Your business growth often depends on great digital branding. Once you have a strong brand in the digital space, you will be able to attract investment in your business that leads to greater success.


Enhances Professionalism

Digital branding delivers some other internal benefits as well. It plays a vital role in improving organizational culture and unity by clarifying brand values and brand personality, your status in the market and giving your staff an identity they can be proud of.


What mediums can be used to build your digital brand?

To help you get started with creating a great digital brand, it is vital to know what digital platforms are the best for your business. They include:


Mobile optimization

Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone and so optimizing your content for this medium is a must. It’s been estimated that more than forty percent of consumers will leave a landing page if it’s not optimized for a mobile platform. Therefore those businesses with websites that are mobile-friendly are in a much better position to build strong customer relations and create a memorable brand. This also involves text messaging marketing which allows you to communicate directly with customers.


Social media

Social media is a substantial digital platform for businesses. In America alone, more than seventy-five percent of the population have at least one social media account. When it comes to businesses developing their digital branding strategy, social media is often one of the first avenues that are discussed. But be careful which platforms you choose. While some platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn are steadily growing, others such as Twitter are not doing quite so well.


Search Optimization Engine

A critical part of your digital branding is your audience’s search engine results. Being listed at the top of search engines will not only help increase your digital visibility, but it conveys that you are aware of your target audience’s needs and understand their search behavior. Search engine results also creates reliability and credibility as many customers believe if a brand is ranked in the first position in their search, it must be very credible.


Email Marketing

Your emails are a great place to reinforce your fundamental values to your customers. If you use marketing automation for visitors that sign up to your emails, then use the various emails in the program to reinforce your messaging. Best practice is to create a ‘welcome email,’ which is the first email that a customer receives after signing up for your email program. Use this email to reinforce your business.

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