Six Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

Using LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy can help you grow your business and make more sales. If you’re not using it well, it’s a waste of time and energy. Here are six ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the rest and help you get closer to your goals. You can even use these tips to create an excellent personal profile.

Write an awesome headline.

Instead of boring headlines, take time and write a unique headline that tells everything. LinkedIn profile headlines should tell you who you are and what you do. If your job title isn’t clear from your headline, people will not be able to find you on LinkedIn. A good headline will increase your profile views and traffic to your site or application.


Update your photos.

It’s 2022, so you need one even if you don’t have a traditional business photo. If your LinkedIn profile looks like it was built in 2002, recruiters will not take you seriously. While creating a professional-looking image is essential, remember that having appropriate eye contact with people viewing your profile is equally important; look at least somewhat into the camera when taking pictures.


Tell your specialties.

If you’re just getting started in your career, it might be easy to overlook your specialties. Have a hard time boiling down your skills and experience into a few sentences? Start by looking at LinkedIn profiles of people with similar jobs, and see how they highlight their specialties. Are they specific (or at least compelling) enough? If not, take notes on how you could improve your own once you have some ideas for making a reasonable specialty tag.


Share important content.

Share content from others that you find interesting or insightful on LinkedIn. Additionally, write a unique headline for your profile and make sure that you include keywords in it—it makes it easier for others searching on LinkedIn to find you. This can be as simple as sharing an infographic or video with them, but it’s also great if you can start a discussion around something you share by asking questions about your network. You may even want to consider starting a group around something you care about.


Keep your education up to date.

Although LinkedIn is great for networking, it’s also a way for employers and colleagues to check up on you. Your profile must have all your education details, including any certifications or workshops you attended in recent years. Don’t forget about your skills.


Ask for recommendations.

If you have clients who would happily endorse your skills and recommend you to future customers, make it easy for them by adding a recommendation request to your profile. They don’t need to fill out the whole form; just ask them if they can take the extra time to write a few lines quickly. The result is worth it.

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