Damian McGinty

Damian is an international singer and actor. He joined the cast of Celtic Thunder and performed in six specials of Public Television. Damian was a guest star in Fox’s hit television series “Glee”, as a foreign exchange student.


To appeals to his fans, Damian wanted to rebrand himself and for the new music in early 2018. He has partnered with Amata Agency on a variety of projects that have included logo development, look book for his photoshoot, business card design, The Slow Dance Tour poster design, and his new 2018 EP cover design.


We conducted a brand audit to provide visual overview. This included interviewing him, visiting his website, photographs that have been published, as well as his social media.


Damian’s fans from Glee are younger and his fans from Celtic Thunder/PBS are older. His new music is also quite young and fresh.


To reflect his character, Amata Agency updated his brand identity to use bold typeface for his initial inside a rectangle. The alternate version is capital D in a rectangle. The primary colors are black and white, but can have tinted green if needed.

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