Email Marketing Management

Efficiently Connect With Prospective Customers.

Connect With

business owners happy with email marketing

Don’t just send emails. Create connections. Increase your ROI with personalized email marketing. Create a connection with your audience by providing value to them through email marketing. Let’s build relationships by creating targeted email content to reach out and engage with your subscribers like never before. Whether it’s promoting new product launches or upcoming events, the opportunities are endless.

Design & Code Professionally

Engage your audience with email marketing. Your email will look professional and be delivered to the right people at the right time.

On Brand In Every Email

The look and feel of the email are everything. Plus, build trust with a professional email address.

Manage Your Audience

Your audience is the core of your marketing. We learn about them and reach the right people.

Automate Customer Journey

Use email automation to help you add a personal touch for every person like their birthday or welcome a new subscriber.

Insight & Analytic Report

Use campaign reports to see what’s working for your business, understand your audience, and more.

Email Marketing Management Plans


Simple Email

Monthly email content
Up to 200 words for copywriting
One content section or topic
Email campaign report



Standard Email

Monthly email content
Up to 500 words for copywriting
Up to 2 content sections or topics
Email campaign report



Engaging Email

Monthly email content
Up to 800 words for copywriting
Up to 3 content sections or topics
Email campaign report


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