How to Choose the Right Domain Name

If you’re serious about starting your own business or website, choosing the right domain name will be one of the most important decisions you make. A good domain name should be memorable and search-engine friendly, making it easier to convert new visitors into customers and leads. To choose the right domain name, you should consider these three points.


Domain Names Are Important For SEO
Most people choose their domain names based on personal preference. But that’s not a good idea when you want your website to appear in search engines. Domain names are essential for SEO, so if you want your site to be found by users, it’s a good idea to do some research and use keywords as part of your domain name. It is also widespread for individuals or businesses to purchase domain names that have nothing to do with their products or services. Still, it would be valuable should he/she/it launch an e-commerce website in the future.


Choosing an Exact Match Domain (EMD)
The EMDs are descriptive and straightforward. They tell search engines and users precisely what you do. They’re also more likely to attract links, particularly for industry-related keywords. For example, a Chicago attorney may choose the domain “chicagoattorney” instead of just “attorneychicago.” A business owner might opt for the EMD “marketingfirmslosangeles” instead of “marketinglosangelesfirms.”


Choosing a Brandable or Keyword Rich Domain (KRD)
Choosing a KRD helps direct potential customers directly towards your site with just one click. Most websites are marketing themselves via social media and search engines, so these two types of domains are essential to ensure that a new visitor can find your website or business quickly. There’s nothing worse than landing on a page and seeing; click here for more information. It’s frustrating!


Choosing your domain extension (.com, .net, .org etc.)
Choosing your domain extension can be easy or difficult, depending on which domain provider you’re working with. If you are using a .com domain, it is usually best to grab that before someone else does. However, it is essential to consider where your target market hangs out online. If your product or service fits well with a non-com extension (like .net or .org), that might be worth considering too! Researching your target audience will help inform you which path is right for you!