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Core Conditioning is independently owned and operated by physical therapists Allyson Cabot and Gabrielle Shrier. Their visions and passions became a reality in 2003 when they opened their first small facility. As their skills and clientele grew, Core Conditioning became a premier rehabilitation, fitness, and wellness center.

Besides being one of the first clinics on the West Coast to offer RedCord® / Neurac rehabilitation, Core is also an education center for RedCord® / Neurac and BalancedBody® programs for both physical therapists and trainers.


In January 2020, Core Conditioning sought to manage and improve their online communications between Core Conditioning and their existing clients.

The existing online channels they had at that time were their website, Facebook and Instagram, and email campaigns. We began the process by researching their current audience data and the online platforms they use. We found that their online presence could be improved—aesthetically and more on-brand since they have a strong brand identity.

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As of early 2021, despite the external negative factor—COVID-19, we delivered a 10.39% increase in Instagram followers and a 17.16%– 30.98% average open rate in email campaigns above the average industry open rate.

To achieve their goal, we devised a way to anchor the brand’s relevance and the content on the right platform at the right time. Partnering with Core, we developed an annual marketing plan that includes newsletters, group class calendars, workshop calendars, holidays, and special occasions.

We sorted out their patient, staff, and subscriber contact data then import it to a new email platform that can provide more insights. We created a consumer-facing contextual visual language—that matches with the brand across the online channels and utilized an advanced publishing platform to deliver the message with time relevance.

In the first three months, we demonstrated this approach’s effectiveness—driving an 86% increase in Facebook and a 38.8% increase in Instagram post engagements, and a 6.43% increase in email campaign open rate.

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