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Implematix is a company dedicated to revolutionizing the Human Services industry through their comprehensive consulting services and educational programs. They have a strong focus on adaptive leadership and process management, utilizing various solutions from the quality improvement industry to effectively navigate the dynamic and rapidly evolving Human Services landscape.
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Implematix is a consulting company specializing in Human Services that approached Amata Agency, a digital marketing agency, seeking assistance with their website design. They wanted their website to convey their extensive knowledge and professionalism to potential clients. To achieve this, Amata Agency devised a strategic process aimed at showcasing Implematix's diverse consulting services and effective solutions.


We started by thoroughly understanding Implematix's goals and target audience. They conducted in-depth research on Human Services and explored various design options. Based on this analysis, the decision was made to use abstract images on the website to effectively convey the message of Implematix's diverse and innovative approach. The agency then created wireframes and mockups to present the visual concept to Implematix for approval. Following the approval, Amata Agency proceeded with the development and implementation of the website, ensuring that it was optimized for user experience and accessibility.


One of the main challenges faced during the process was finding the right balance between professionalism and creativity. Implematix wanted a website that demonstrated their expertise in the consulting field while also reflecting their innovative and unique solutions. Amata Agency needed to strike the right tone and visual style to achieve this balance.


In response to the challenges, Amata Agency devised a solution that incorporated abstract images on the website. This approach allowed for the portrayal of Implematix as a diverse consulting company with effective solutions. The abstract imagery conveyed a sense of creativity and innovation, while still maintaining a professional and knowledgeable appearance. By utilizing this visual concept, Amata Agency successfully created a website that showcased Implematix's expertise and professionalism in Human Services.

Overall, Amata Agency's digital marketing expertise and collaboration with Implematix resulted in a visually appealing and effective website that effectively presented the company's knowledge and professionalism to their target audience.

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