Have you ever considered what the social media followers of your brand think of your brand’s concept? How are you sure you are not sending mixed or inconsistent messages to your clients or potential customers? Here we will learn about making your brand identity more consistent.

It is uncommon to find business owners with no precise definition of what their brands represent. Those types of business owners or managers are the ones who don’t know when their businesses are moving away from the course of their brand. That impacts negatively on their brand’s identity or brand power.

While it is the goal of every business to stand apart from their competitors, those business owners with no precise definition of what their brand represents will have nothing that sets their brand apart from those of other businesses in their industries.

That could leave such business or brand owners complaining of attracting the wrong target audience. Well, the good news is that in this article, we shall be taking a look at ways you can maintain consistency with your brand’s identity.

But first off, it is worth mentioning at this point that the identity of your brand is the most important factor when it comes to marketing your brand whether or not it is a new or existing one. However, contrary to much popular miss conception, there is more to your brand’s identity than a logo and a website. It is what influences the impression or perception prospects have of your brand. In other words, your brand’s identity is a client’s total experience.

Suffice it to say therefore that it is essential to be consistent in every touchpoint you have with customers and prospects. So, without further ado, let me walk you through five ways you can be more consistent with your brand’s identity.


1. Create a Brand Guide as Your Roadmap

In case you didn’t know, a brand guide serves as a roadmap that helps your team not to stray off track. It is, therefore, vital that you create one for your brand and share with the necessary members of your team so that everyone can be acquainted with the brand guidelines and stick to them.

For example; the graphic designer of your brand should always stick to the colors and fonts that are accustomed to your brand. Also, it will do your business a world of good if your team of web designers can maintain the same design for all your website and landing pages. It is, therefore, your duty as the business owner to double check every new marketing piece to confirm they align with the guidelines of your brand.


2. Have a Target Audience in Mind

It is important for you to know that your brand cannot meet the needs of everyone. So, trying to getting the attention of everyone at-a-go could cost your brand its identity or make it seem your company has no direction. Therefore, understanding your brand can only cater to the needs of a given set of audience at a time will enable you to create a brand communication that aims at a target audience.


3. Have a Consistent Brand Image

To project a strong brand image, your brand’s logo, print, signage and text face all need to complement each other. With these elements in place, you can be certain that your company will have a stronger brand equity. So, they should be applied to every product your company produces because they will be the elements that define your brand’s identity.


4. Be in Control of your Marketing Campaign

This is one of the surest ways you can maintain consistent brand identity. But do you control your brand’s marketing campaign? You can do so by applying only a program that gives you absolute control over your entire marketing plan, from production, administration, workflow to reporting and even deployment. Also, the application of such a program helps in simplifying the management task, launch, and the follow up of marketing campaigns and materials.


5. Keep Your Brand Consistent with Your Message

This is another crucial step that will enable you to have a more consistent brand identity. There should be a regular communication pattern which must always be adopted when projecting your brand’s image both on and offline.

In other words, there should be a consistent tone used for communicating the concept of your brand on all of your company’s marketing channel. So, whether it is Twitter, Facebook or any other channels, the image of your brand on one medium should conform to the personality you portray on other channels.

Granted the above tips are only a part of the numerous ways you can create a consistent brand identity. But with them, you can be sure of maintaining a robust brand identity that sets you apart from the others in your industry.

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